Midsummer Night Shoot 2016

Dear marksmen,

Midsummer nights, short nights and long days, these are having a great appeal to humans. This gives Team FTSchalkhaar the best opportunity to organize a special event;

Midsummer Night Shoot 2016”

This is a unique event where on Friday night June 17th a HFT night shoot will take place and on Saturday afternoon June 18tha HFT / FT shoot will take place with camping during the night on the site of FTSchalkhaar. You are all invited to join this event.

Even if you don’t want to participate in the shoots, you are welcome to visit this event. Please subscribe as such.


On Friday June 17th from 5 pm onwards we welcome you to set up your camping site. A nice barbeque starts at 8 pm, this will be for the marksmen an alcohol free barbeque. On 10.30 pm briefing will take place and the start of the shoot will be at 11 pm. After the shoot a bonfire with drinks gives a good opportunity to relax before you turn to bed.

Saturday morning June 18th there will be a breakfast buffet at 9 am, after the breakfast there will be a possibility for test shooting. Briefing of the day shoot will be at 12.30 and at 1 pm the FT / HFT shoot will start. Price ceremonies takes place after the shoot. For those who participate in both shoots there will be an overall prize.


Midsummer night shoot (June 17th)

This shoot is according to the DFTA Hunter Field Target rules with some adjustments:

-Use of flash lights is allowed as long as the flash light is mounted to the rifle or is held by the marksmen

-Use of illuminated reticles is allowed

-Distance to targets can be more than 42 meters

-There will be a number of alternative targets

-On a number of lanes/targets the use of flash lights will be prohibited. We will take care on alternative lightning

Laser lamps, night vision, light ammunition, tracers or other electric aids are not allowed. Only LED, Cree or light bulbs are allowed to use.

Power limitation at 16J (12 fpe)

2 classes, HFT1 and HFT2

Make sure your flashlight can handle a distance of 50 meters and warm and water tight clothing is recommended as well as the use of a shooting mat.

Day shoot (June 18th)

This shoot will count for the DFTA championship.

Please see DFTA website (www.fieldtarget.nl) for conditions.

The shoot is open for non DFTA members as well.

The shoot takes place under the DFTA rules.

For HFT 40 targets on 20 lanes

For FT 50 targets on 25 lanes

There is an opportunity to shoot in four different classes;

FT1- Field Target Open

FT2- Field Target Recoil

HFT1- Hunter Field Target Open

HFT2- Hunter Field Target Recoil

For all classes power limitation at 16J (12fpe)


Barbeque €18,–

Midsummer night shoot €10,–

Camping for participants Free of Charge

Breakfast Buffet €8,–

Day shoot €12,–

Combo price for all shoots, BBQ and breakfast: €45,–


Subscriptions are taken by email (ftschalkhaar@gmail.com) or via our contact form. On the website you can find more details on address and travel directions. Please give notice at your subscription for what event you subscribe to and if you will be camping. If you are accompanied with others who will not take part in the shooting, please subscribe these for BBQ and or breakfast if applicable.

For further inquiries do not hesitate to contact us via email.

We like to welcome you all in Schalkhaar on June 17th and 18th!

Team Schalkhaar